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Chapter Meetings

Kern ISSA has quarterly meetings with dinner included.  The meeting cost is FREE for ISSA Members!  There is $5 fee for non-members and $1 for students.   Join the Kern County Chapter now.

Date and Time: December 1st, 2021 at 4:30 PM
Sponsor: Palo Alto Networks
Location: Padre Hotel

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Don’t miss the next ISSA Kern County Chapter meeting at The Padre, where Zero Trust experts explain the critical connection between Zero Trust and identity best practices and speeding your Zero Trust journey.

A Zero Trust approach to network security is critical for safeguarding productivity in this new era of accelerated digital transformation, expanded hybrid work, and increased migration of apps and data to the cloud.

Zero Trust simplifies risk management by removing implied trust. You treat every connection the same and continuously validate every stage of a digital interaction. It sounds simple – but getting there isn’t so easy.

Equip your teams with the guidance they need to help your business move to Zero Trust faster by attending this webcast, where you’ll learn:

– What it means to be a Zero Trust enterprise

– How identity is foundational to a Zero Trust approach

– How to integrate strong identity best practices to fuel your Zero Trust journey


4:30 PM – Happy Hour

5:15 PM – Check-in and Seating

5:30 PM – Welcome: Palo Alto Networks and ISSA

5:40 PM – Dinner Service: Building the Zero Trust Enterprise