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Kern ISSA has quarterly meetings with dinner included.  The meeting cost is FREE for ISSA Members!   Join the Kern County Chapter now.

Kern ISSA January Meeting
Date and Time:  January 10th, 2023 at 6 PM
Sponsors: Palo Alto
Location: Padre Hotel
Cost:  The meeting cost is FREE!   Join the Kern County Chapter now.  Dinner included.

Speaker: Kristopher Russo

Senior Threat Researcher at Palo Alto Networks (Unit 42)

With an information security career spanning nearly two decades, Kristopher Russo is an experienced practitioner in numerous cybersecurity disciplines, including security architecture, engineering, incident response, digital forensics, risk management, and cyber threat intelligence. Kristopher firmly believes information security should not impede business but instead enable safety and security in every transaction.

A researcher, speaker, and writer, Kristopher is a threat researcher with Palo Alto Network’s Unit 42. Kristopher holds a degree in Information Security and Intelligence from Ferris State University. His insight can be found in various security publications such as Down the Security Rabbit HoleThe CyberWire, and Unit 42’s research blog.

Presentation Outline:

  • Kristopher will discuss the novel methods attackers used to worm their way past the victim’s defenses.
  • Then he’ll dig into the controls that might have stopped these attacks in their various stages.
  • Finally, he’ll wrap up with what you can do to prevent your organization from ending up as the next incident response call.

Nominations Reminder:

Officer nominations are due by email to Christopher Eagleson, cdeagleson@aeraenergy.com by end of day January 5th, 2024.

Self nomination is permitted.

Use the subject line “Kern ISSA Nominations”.